Wiring For Attics And Extensions

Computer networking and upgrade to lighting and additional power needs all need wiring that may come through the ceiling. This means getting access to the wire through the roof space. This can be challenging, especially for a flat roofed home. Doing this job yourself without the help of a professional electrician in Coventry can cost you time and money, and can even cause a serious safety hazard. The wiring for loft conversions or extension needs to be safe and registered with local building control.


Whenever you want wiring done for attics, make sure you hire our experienced and professional electricians in Coventry to prevent extensive damage. The fireman’s cliché is if you loose the roof, you loose the building. Lofts and roof voids should definitely have safe wiring to prevent this.

Signs You Have Bad Wiring in Your Attic

Electrical malfunctions in attics result in fire breakouts every year. In order to protect your home, you must hire a licensed electrician in Coventry to inspect your electrical wiring in the attic. Faulty or outdated wiring can struggle with increased power load. Poor connections and old wiring which is not safe to modify are a recipe for an electrical fire. Listed below are some signs which indicate that you may have bad wiring in your attic.

  • Damaged wires
  • Strange noises coming from the wiring
  • Discolored wiring
  • Frequently blown fuses
  • Worn outlets
  • Flickering lights
  • Melted wiring
  • Messy wiring

If you think your electrical wiring in the attic needs help, it should be replaced immediately by a knowledgeable and qualified electrician in Coventry. An expert will perform a thorough electrical inspection to replace any damaged wires.


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Exposed Wiring

Electrical wiring usually spans the entire roof space and exposed wiring is the most common cause of electrical mishaps in an attic. As the electrical system gets old and insulation ages, wires become more vulnerable. Exposed wires are at risk, especially if covered in insulation when it comes to power surges or overheating. This can leave your attic exposed to electrical hazards. To avoid exposed wiring, hire our certified electricians in Coventry to inspect your current electrical wiring and determine if your attic needs new electrical wires.

Wiring for Extensions

Building an extension is an excellent way to add space and value to your property. However, it comes with some difficulties. In order to make sure that it complies with all the important building regulations, it is important to ensure that you get the electrical wiring right. Proper electrical wiring done by a professional electrician in Coventry is necessary, not just from the safety aspect but it also makes sure that the electrical installation meets your new needs.


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Electric Supply

Experienced electricians in Coventry can use a specified scaled floor plans or help you design the layout to start wiring for an extension. After proper inspection, they decide whether they will supply power to the extension from the home’s main service or install a sub-panel in the extension area. A large extension that will have high energy usage usually requires several circuits, so for a large addition, adding additional local consumer units make more sense.

Can I do the extension wiring myself?

All electrical work of this type needs to be registered with local building control. You should not even consider doing wiring of your home extension yourself. Lots of homeowners think that the home addition only requires a couple of wires. Electrical installations are very complicated and take a certified professional to do the job right. There are many things to consider to install safely. An understanding of regulations of current safety standards is needed. Above all, wrong wiring can be a serious fire and safety hazard which could lead to injuries.


When planning electrical additions to your home, you must hire a contractor who is up to date and fully legal. Our talented electricians in Coventry are technically proficient, experienced, professional, and reputable. We are known for responsive and personal service. All the wiring for attics and extensions is carried out to the highest standards by our electricians.

Frequently Asked Question

Unless you are qualified, you should not inspect and test the wiring yourself. Hire a professional to do the inspections. Damaged or broken wires in the attic can be very dangerous and could even result in damage or injury. If you want professional wiring service in Coventry, call Coventry Electrics today.

In case you suspect your electrical wiring is damaged or worn out in the attic, you should immediately call a licensed electrician in Leeds to fix the issue. A professional can fix the issue before it turns into something deadly.

Bad wiring in the attic can cause power surges, fires or electric shock. Call the professional electricians in Leeds for your electrical wiring.

Yes, they can! Pests or rodents can chew the wiring present in the attics. A major cause of the wiring faults in attics is rodent infestation. If you are experiencing any kind of electrical wiring problems in your attics, contact us today.