Fuse Board Upgrades

Consumer Unit and Distribution Board upgrades

Originally they were called fuse boxes because literally, that is what they were. A box of rewirable fuses. They are now referred to as distribution boards (they divide and distribute the electricity) or consumer units (consumer maintained and controlled equipment). If you live in an old home or you have outdated electrical wiring in your property, you should seriously consider a consumer unit upgrade. A distribution board upgrade will help you be compliant with the newer regulations and  will also minimise the chance of you experiencing any dangerous electrical faults.


At Coventry Electrics, our team of electricians in Coventry is experienced in fuse board upgrades. We are always here to upgrade your current fuse box to provide you with a safe electrical system.

Why upgrade your consumer unit?

If you have an outdated fuse board, it is best to upgrade it with the help of a professional electrician in Coventry. Indeed, there are numerous reasons to upgrade your domestic or commercial fuse board. Listed below are some of those reasons:


  • Comply with electrical wiring regulations: A lot of homes contain fuse boards that are not compliant with the latest electrical regulations. Hiring a licensed electrician in Coventry to upgrade your fuse board will ensure that you adhere to electrical wiring regulations.
  • Improve safety: Old consumer units can risk the electrical safety of your home or commercial building. By upgrading your consumer unit, you are increasing safety standards and reducing the risk of electric shock.
  • Peace of mind: When you are complying with electrical standards and have improved your electrical safety by upgrading your fuse boards, you will definitely benefit from better peace of mind. You can hire our certified electricians in Coventry to upgrade your fuse boards. We make sure your electrical system is running safely and efficiently.

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More reasons for a consumer unit upgrade

Here are some other reasons to upgrade a consumer unit by a professional electrician in Coventry:

  • If your fuses trip frequently
  • Your fuse board is old and wooden with rewirable fuses
  • To add additional circuits, extra sockets, or extensions
  • Flickering lights and unresponsive sockets
  • The consumer unit is more than ten years old

How long does it take to upgrade the consumer unit?

The overall time needed to upgrade a consumer unit depends on various factors including the consumer unit age and condition of the wiring. However, in normal circumstances, an experienced electrician in Coventry probably take four to six hours to upgrade a consumer unit


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Why can’t I upgrade a consumer unit myself?

Consumer unit upgrades must be registered with local building control. 


Regardless of if you have been living in the same place for years or have purchased an older property, the electrical installation will wear and tear over time. If you have an old consumer unit, your property could be safer. Some DIY lovers feel like upgrading the consumer unit themselves not realising doing it yourself is a potentially dangerous idea. Electricity can cause serious injury. Most homeowners have very basic knowledge about electricity, and they simply overestimate their abilities. Upgrading fuse boards is a complicated job and it requires a qualified electrician in Coventry.


During upgrading consumer unit, a full inspection and test is carried out. Experts often find small flaws in wiring or defects in the original/modified design. They take all the necessary steps to make the consumer unit perform at its best and ensure the installation is safe. An amateur who is not skilled or instructed would not spot the defects. Even if you see a problem, are you sure you can fix it yourself?


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What are the risks of an old or damaged consumer unit?

If your consumer unit is old or damaged, there are chances that you may suffer from power outages in different parts of your home. Modifications to circuits could risk cables being overloaded with the wrong size protection. You risk something more dangerous could happen, like an electrical fire or electric shock. If you believe your consumer unit needs upgrades, don’t wait. Get it done immediately by our certified electricians in Coventry!

Frequently Asked Question

All of your electrics should be tested and inspected by a professional every 5 years at least. Your electrician in Coventry can help you decide if your consumer unit needs any upgrading.

At Coventry Electrics, we specialise in consumer unit upgrades and replacements. Once we test and inspect the electrics to your home, we will advise if your consumer unit need to be upgraded or require a replacement. Contact our talented electricians in Coventry to learn how much fuse board upgrades cost.

When you get a consumer unit upgrade it helps with your home to be more energy-efficient. Consumer unit upgrades help optimise electrical performance and reduce excessive energy consumption.