Security Lighting

Security lighting can be an excellent addition to your home for various reasons. It can make your garden more accessible, it can help you park your car easily at night, and above all, security lighting is a great way to deter burglars from entering your property.


At Coventry Electrics, our professional electricians in Coventry have the experience of installing thousands of security lights. There are huge varieties of security lights available on the market so make sure you opt for the one that suits your needs. Our certified electricians in Coventry can help you pick the right security lighting system that will be appropriate for your home and your needs.

Which outdoor security lights should you choose?

You have a number of options to choose from. However, listed below are some of the most popular security lights available on the market.


  • Coach lights and half lanterns
    Coach lights are both decorative and functional. They can be controlled by a switch, turn on automatically once it gets dark or switch on automatically when motion is detected. 
  • Up down lights
    The modern alternative to the coach light is a tube-shaped light with a spotlight pointing up and down. They can be controlled by a switch, turn on automatically once it gets dark or switch on automatically when motion is detected.
  • Motion sensor lights
    Motion sensor lights have a passive infrared sensor in them. They only turn on when they detect a moving object within their range. This type of security lighting can either have a stand alone detector so the lights come on from one or more remote positions (on your driveway before you walk round the side of the house so the path is already illuminated before you get there for example). The only drawback of motion sensor lights is that they can easily be triggered by the movement animals or any heat source. 
  • Halogen floodlights
    Halogen floodlights are the most common security lights used by homeowners. They are extremely powerful. This is the reason this type of security lighting system consumes a lot of energy. They are now being phased out in favour of more energy efficient options.
  • LED Flood lights
    LED security floodlights give the same light level as their halogen forbears but use a fraction of the power consumption (generally less than 10%).


If you are planning to install any of the above or have some other security lighting system, our qualified electrician in Coventry are always there to help.


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What do you need to know before fitting your security lights?

If you are planning to install security lighting on your premises, make sure you don’t take it lightly. In case you live in close proximity to your neighbours, avoid placing a security light where it can be a problem for your neighbours. Light pollution is an issue which is becoming more important and consideration of others must be taken into account. The wiring outside faces challenges and needs to comply with the wiring regulations to be safe. Always get your security lighting system fitted by a professional electrician in Coventry because only a pro knows where to place the lights so they don’t trigger more often. 


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Why install security lights in your home?

Most people install security lights because they want to deter an intruder. Burglars avoid breaking into properties where there are chances of them being spotted. In order to maximize the effect of security lights, it is important to know where to place them. Only an experienced electrician in Coventry can help you place them properly.


Security lighting with an override offers functional task lighting, turning your garden into a useable space.


Security lighting is a great investment because it gives peace of mind. Knowing that if the potential intruder walks up to your property, they will be flooded with light which draws attention to their actions. This in itself is a good enough reason to have security lights installed.


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Why hiring a professional for fitting security lighting is the key?

When you are all set to install security lighting, it is important to get the installation done by a licensed professional. There are several reasons why you must do so. 

  1. You want to ensure the lighting is powered correctly so each light operates properly without overloading the circuits. 
  2. They need to be installed safely, to comply with regulations and be tested afterwards to prove it safe.
  3. Only a pro can make sure all fixtures are positioned in a way that they give the most coverage without causing light pollution or nuisance operation. 
  4. It is crucial to choose the right product that can only be done by an expert. 


You can count on our electricians in Coventry to make sure you are getting exactly what fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Question

Security lighting can be great prevention but it shouldn’t be the only way of protecting your property. A lot of break-ins happen during the daytime so it is best to combine security lights with security alarms and security cameras.

All security lights have their unique benefits but the most commonly used ones are currently are LED PIRs (passive infrared sensors). They are can be installed with different light outputs dependant on the area needed to be illuminated.

A temporary security light could be plugged in but how temporary is it?  Security lights should be wired into a proper electricity source.

The installation process typically takes 3-4 hours but if the cables need to run from internal rooms due to a different charge point and fuse box location, then the process may take a little longer.