Burglar Alarm Fitting

Installation of Burglar Alarms

Both homeowners and business owners can benefit from burglar alarm systems. The protection, reassurance and peace of mind to your family or employees is priceless, yet inexpensive. When you don’t have a burglar alarm system installed on your property, you could be vulnerable and lose precious items, especially if all your neighbours have working systems and your home or business becomes the easy target. An intruder alarm could thwart home invasion by intruders which could compromise your personal safety. With an increase in crime rate, what value do you place on your safety and belonging?  Investment in a burglar alarm system for your home or business gives priceless peace of mind.


Let our experienced electricians in Coventry take care of your burglar alarm fitting needs. At Coventry Electrics, we have knowledgeable and professional electricians in Coventry who will take care of your needs. Rest assured, your home will be safe by installing a high-quality burglar alarm system. We can install both wireless and wired alarm systems.

Can I install a burglar alarm myself?

Installing a burglar alarm is one of the best ways to improve the security of your property. Many people are tempted to try a DIY method for installing a burglar alarm but they don’t know doing so can cost them in the long run. You may not find it difficult to buy a good burglar alarm system, but you will definitely face difficulty in installing it properly. Knowing which areas to protect and which intruder alarm is best for you are decisions you need professional guidance for. The pitfalls a DIY installation would expose you to are avoided when intruder alarms are installed by a specialist. Our electricians in Coventry can help you with burglar alarm fitting at reasonable rates.


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Ways a burglar alarm can benefit your home or business

With the help of a burglar alarm, you can deter a burglary before it happens. Burglars avoid breaking into properties where there are proper security systems; of course, they don’t want to be caught. If your neighbours have intruder alarms and you don’t, be assured it will be your house they target. The more difficult a task becomes, the more appealing an easier target and less attractive your home becomes. By having a high-quality burglar alarm system installed in your home, you are making it harder for an intruder to break in.


Moreover, a home holds a large number of valuable items like jewellery, mobile phones, car keys, and electronics, meaning homes are the main target for robbers. When you install a burglar alarm system, it gets easy to detect an intruder. There are alarm systems that can even automatically alert the police or call whoever needs to be aware of the danger.


Additionally, by installing a burglar alarm on your property, you will have peace of mind that your property is secure and being monitored even when you are away. In case a break-in happens, your security system will alert you immediately.


A burglar alarm in your home can increase your property’s value? Yes, it is a very attractive feature for prospective home buyers. It gives a sense of safety and security and therefore, has a positive impact on the value of your home.


Deciding on which security alarm system is best for your home or business can be a confusing task, especially for people with no previous knowledge as there is such a wide variety available. Our knowledgeable electricians in Coventry can guide you through the options and help you figure out which may work best for you. Once you have made the informed decision, our talented electricians in Coventry will expertly install the burglar alarm system and let you know how it works and how you can operate it.

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Frequently Asked Question

It depends on the size of the property and the system specification required by the client, but normally three-bedroom houses will take a morning or afternoon to finish the installing and testing process. Just let us know which is more convenient for you

Our professional electrician in Leeds try their best to minimize the disruption caused by the installation process. Good house keeping is part of our core criteria. We always clean thoroughly and protect your property.

Yes your burglar alarm should have a battery backup.

There are two main types of intruder alarms: wired and wireless. Wired alarms are integrated into the wiring of the building either when it is built or when it is renovated. They can be fitted retrospectively, depending on the specification. Generally they need less maintenance. Wireless alarms cause less disruption when installing, however, every device has an integral battery which needs replacing as per the manufacturers recommendation. Both types of alarms work through sensors.

There could be many reasons. A major source of nuisance alarms is when the system is poorly designed or installed. Failure to regularly maintain the system causes problems sooner or later. Failure to close doors or windows, heat sources, pets or drafts can all cause false alarms. A failing backup battery can also be a cause of a false alarm.