Expert Tips for Safely Fitting and Replacing Electric Sockets


Upgrade your home's electrical system with confidence by learning how to safely fit and replace electric sockets with our expert advice

Electric sockets are a crucial component of every household. They provide power for all the appliances and electronic devices that we use every day. However, over time, these sockets can become worn out or outdated, and may need to be replaced. In this article, we will provide you with ideas and advice on how to fit and replace electric sockets in your home.


Before we begin, it’s important to note that working with electricity can be dangerous. If you’re unsure about any aspect of the job, it’s always best to seek the help of a qualified electrician.

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Step 1: Turn off the Power

The first step in fitting or replacing an electric socket is to turn off the power to the circuit. This can be done by switching off the relevant circuit breaker in your fuse box. If you’re not sure which breaker controls the circuit you’re working on, you can turn off the main switch for the whole house. This will ensure that there is no electrical current running through the circuit you’re working on.


Keep your electrical installations up to code and comply with legal requirements by following these guidelines for fitting and replacing electric sockets in your home


Step 2: Remove the Old Socket

To remove the old socket, start by unscrewing the faceplate from the wall. You should see wires connected to the back of the socket. Using a screwdriver, carefully unscrew the terminals that hold the wires in place. Take note of which wire is connected to which terminal, as you’ll need to reconnect them to the new socket in the same way.

Step 3: Fit the New Socket

Once you’ve removed the old socket, it’s time to fit the new one. Start by connecting the wires to the new socket in the same way they were connected to the old one. It’s important to ensure that the wires are securely fastened in place and that there are no loose strands.

Once the wires are connected, carefully push the socket back into the wall and screw the faceplate back on. Make sure that the socket is flush with the wall and that the screws are tight.


Step 4: Test the Socket

Once you’ve fitted the new socket, it’s important to test it to ensure that it’s working properly. Switch the power back on and plug in a device to check that it’s receiving power.

Ideas and Advice

  1. Consider upgrading to USB sockets – If you’re replacing your old sockets, consider upgrading to ones that include USB ports. These can be a convenient way to charge your devices without needing to use a separate charger.

  2. Choose a stylish design – There are many different designs of electric sockets available, so you can choose one that matches the style of your home. Some designs include brushed metal, chrome, or even glass.

  3. Install childproof sockets – If you have young children in the home, consider installing childproof sockets. These are designed to prevent little fingers from being inserted into the socket and can help to keep your children safe.

  4. Install outdoor sockets – If you have a garden or outdoor space, consider installing outdoor sockets. These can be a convenient way to power garden tools, outdoor lighting, or even your barbecue.

  5. Hire a professional – If you’re not comfortable working with electricity, it’s always best to hire a professional electrician. They will be able to ensure that the job is done safely and to a high standard.

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